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Now, as an ISLA member you get to enjoy the lifetime benefits of this program. You do not need to pay annual dues to maintain your membership status which is something key.

You are now part of a very inclusive membership organization that will consider you for upcoming opportunities in every area that we get involved into. Every opportunity/event is optional, but you could still get informed on various topics through our interexchange of information whenever possible.

Our membership organization, also offers you the opportunity to be part of the Empowering Speakers Bureau which through us will provide additional visibility. This is optional, but remember that as an author, publisher, or service provider being a speaker also gives you an extra plus. Many speakers make a living out of this. Help others learn from you, from what you have to say and be part of this opportunity just.

You are always welcome to get more involved and help us improve together in any way possible. Get started and if you have questions, you are always welcome to contact us.

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