International Society of Latino Authors (ISLA) is a membership program presented by Latino Literacy Now. In 2015, we created the fast growing Int’l Society of Latino Authors. Membership in the society is open to qualifying authors and publishers.

Seven Reasons We Need A Membership Organization

  1. Promote that Latinos ARE Readers. Too often Latinos are left out of the discussion of who reads. We cannot let that happen. In truth, Latinos in the USA will purchase more than $700 million in books in 2017. And Latinos are the largest segment of youth in many key markets in the USA. They ARE readers and buyers!
  2. Helping Authors Advance. While many of the books entered in the Int’l Latino Book Awards are well written, some —especially those from small presses or that are self published—have one or more areas where they need help. The ISLA newsletter and webinars will address these areas with helpful information and tips.
  3. Lobby for more Recognition. With our united front, we will seek more recognition within the education and publishing industries for Latino
    authors and their work and for books about the Latino experience.
  4. Speakers Bureau. This project is headed by Linda Villaseñor and Georgette Baker. Through this program we will develop a system for providing speaking opportunities to our members
  5. Creating Sales. With Latinos in the USA spending hundreds of millions for books a year, we need to see an increasing percentage of those purchases going to books by and about Latinos. ISLA will work to grow the market for these books.
  6. Distribution. Most importantly, we need to work together to increase distribution to libraries, bookstores, schools, and consumers. ISLA will spearhead work to help make this happen.
  7. United Voice. There is strength in numbers. If we are to grow our industry segments—books by or about Latinos, books in Spanish, bilingual children’s books, other books targeting Latinos–we MUST work together.

Membership Types


Lifetime membership in the society is open to published and unpublished Latino authors or any author writing about the Latino experience/issues. Especially welcome are our Award Winning Authors (AWA’s) from the Int’l Latino Book Awards. There are two membership levels, each offering unique benefits.

  • Basic Author Lifetime Membership. A one time fee for a lifetime membership is only $150.
  • Gold Author Lifetime Membership. A one time fee for a lifetime membership is only $1,500.


Subscription Plans